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2 Bad Boyz

The victim is a 28 year old female who is a single mother of two elementary school students who likes to get out occasionally and dance and drink a few beers. She lives in a small town near a major city and her date for the evening of the crime came from another small town about thirty miles from her home; they drove to the, let's call it "The Pink Lilly" and spent the evening "sucking suds" and laying leather for "cottoneye Joe". As the witching hour approached two acquaintances of the victim's date offered to drive them home because the date was having trouble starting his truck. Everyone was drunk, more or less, mostly more and the date was dropped off at his trailer first and then the victim realized they were not heading in the direction of her hometown.

The acquaintances who we will now refer to as suspects took the victim to the baseball field in the date's home town where both of them raped her several times and then beat her until she was unconscious. She regained consciousness about noon the following day and staggered to the nearest street where she was picked up and taken to the Police Station.

The Police Dept. took her statement and wrote an Aggravated Sexual Assault report and after unsuccessfully trying to find the victim's date called me to do composites of the two suspects. I met with the victim at her hometown Police Department and after she had made feature selections from the FBI Facial Feature Catalog developed two line drawings of the suspects for the victim to make corrective changes. Her changes were made and an appointment was set for two days later when I would provide her with toned and shaded drawings for final changes to be made. The drawings were completed and I returned to the victim's hometown Police Department to discover the victim had called them to say she was afraid of the suspects, that her children had been threatened and that she did not want to talk to any more policemen for any reason at all.

The hometown Police Department could not take a Terroristic Threat report because the victim would not give one and the acquaintance's hometown Police Department would not continue to investigate because of the victim's refusal to cooperate. This happened during the middle 1980s. Police Departments now will continue to investigate any known crime with or without victim cooperation. 2BADBOYZ walked away scot-free.

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