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And the Bad News Is ...

One of the advantages of doing almost all of the composite art for a given multi-county area is that you get a feel for the repeat crimes. Two young armed robbers came up from the bayous, skinny, dirty, shaggy and ragged and did a series of robberies moving from county to county, but as they moved they put on weight, got haircuts, bought new clothes and took baths, for which all the victims were grateful. Reason to believe that these were crimes committed by the same suspects was twofold, each victim described an unusual firearm with a six inch barrel and the size and color descriptions of the suspects matched.

Repeat crimes will be narrated involving a suspect who always wears a colorful scarf, a really bad guy who exposes himself and assaults females causing serious injury and another suspect who kidnaps females at gunpoint and after taking them to a secluded place, fondles their breasts and lets them go.

That's the good news; here's the bad news! I can't remember anything about Composite 004. This happens a lot when you do so many composites.

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