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Holly of the Lake

This probably should be entitled "Holly, the Ghost of the Lake". I first met Bambi when she was identified in a series of credit card scams. She not only confessed to the credit card abuses but gave me information of where the cards were stolen, by whom and where the thieves were now operating. Her information was fairly sound but the action ran through so many jurisdictions and was so old that we only got a plea from her on the cases where she was on video tape. Bambi also identified an assault suspect who had dangled a victim over the edge of a balcony at a dorm on our campus. We had only her information and no verification so that case went nowhere.

     City Police Department contacted me to do a composite on a drug bust and there sat Bambi caught at The Lake with some grass and crystals. Bambi was going to provide information for a better deal. Bambi said that "Holly" was a University coed who was always on hand when drug deals "went down"; if marijuana was involved, Holly didn't get involved, but if cocaine or something stronger came up, Holly disappeared and then returned with the goods.

     City PD pursued this lead with vigor and for several years afterward I asked every student I interviewed if they knew a "Holly" who hung out at The Lake. Nil. Oh well.

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