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Aggravated Sexual Assault

I have absolutely no memory of this composite. Records indicate that a city detective brought a young coed victim to the university police building and I met with her twice to determine the appearance of the person who raped her. Aggravated indicated that either the victim was injured during the commission of the crime or that the perpetrator used a weapon. My notes only record the selections from the FBI catalog of facial features and I didn't even record the sequence of action during the crime.

     There is a school of thought that says the composite artist and the hypnotist should not be familiar with the crime details, remaining aware only of the ingredients needed to provide an image of the suspect or a hypnotically induced testimonial. As an investigator, I always did my own composite drawings and took the chance that a defense attorney would not be able to convince a jury that I had a suspect in mind before I began the composite. I have never had a composite "thrown out" of court.

     If you are a composite artist and expect other law enforcement people to call you when they get a "hit" on one of your drawings, you're going to be very disappointed. Usually you learn the results of the last composite when you go to do the next composite. Oh well.

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