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The Dumbest Guy I Ever Drew

This is absolutely the dumbest guy I ever drew. In the north part of San Antonio, Texas, our vacuum brained suspect did a series of armed robberies of fast food establishments. Unlike the DQ Dude he traded with Sonic, McDonald's and Whataburger. He also always wore his black shirt, black trousers, black tennis shoes and black baseball cap and of course this made sense because at night he could sprint away from the crime scene and not be as easily seen. But whatever intelligence made him come up with that plan failed him in his next endeavor.

     I had met with a victim who was an employee of a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant that had been recently robbed and the composite developed was displayed in numerous fast-food restaurants and in several places including the lobby the Police Station. The suspect walked into the Police Station and asked the dispatcher, "How are you all coming along with that Jack-in-the-Box hold up?" The dispatcher said, "Let me get someone to talk to you about that" and brought two police officers from the back to the lobby where they immediately put handcuffs on the suspect and brought him back to the booking area for questioning. The guy was dressed in his black cap, black shirt, black trousers and black tennis shoes and I really wish I could, with a clear conscious, display mug-shots here.  "Dumb Ass" confessed after a minimal amount of questioning and everyone lived happily ever after.

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