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Yet Another Miracle Man

A 21 year old coed reported a series of threats made by a black male 5 ft. 7 in. tall weighing around 180 lbs. A series of offense reports were written charging the same suspect with terroristic threat, telephone harassment, stalking and reckless endangerment. The victim said the suspect threatened to rape her and kill her, called her to harass her at all hours of the day and night and had chased her down IH35 while she was driving to her internship location.

     There were a series of similar complaints filed with the victims hometown on the coast and detectives there informed me the victim had been institutionalized for mental illness during the time of her reports with them. They believed the reports were a part of her paranoia.

     The final statement we took from the victim was a report of a high speed chase to the major city where her internship was located; the suspect chased her into the hospital parking lot and then on foot up the steps of the hospital At the entrance to the hospital the victim told a security guard what was happening and said the security guard told her to go on to work and not cause any problems because she would be asked to leave if she brought trouble onto the premises. The director of the hospital found no mention of the security contact in the records and said that was the opposite reaction he would have expected from his staff of young, healthy, active officers ;who jumped at the chance for any type of physical confrontation.

     Copies of the composites were sent to the victims hometown police agency and I received a call from the detective there saying the composite looked very much like the victim's older brother who was at that time in prison. Explain the psychology of this set of circumstances, if you can.

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