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Marijuana Mountain Man

This composite was done as a civil case composite even though it involved a person suspected of criminal activity. The suspect was living with a young mother of a 5 year old son whose father was trying to get custody. The father contacted me through his attorney and wanted to do a composite of the ex-wife's live in for his custody hearing; his claim was that the live-in was dealing in marijuana and that his son should not be exposed to this lifestyle. I agreed to do the composite only if I could make it available to the Sheriff's office since I could not know about a crime without reporting it to the jurisdictional agency. The father agreed reluctantly; he was afraid of danger to his son if there were police activity at the home. The composite was done, made available to the father for his purposes and passed on to the County Drug Task Force for whatever action they felt appropriate. Naturally I never heard the outcome of either action.

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