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Pedophilia is Really Really Bad for Business

The rape of a 6 year old girl in a tourist oriented community in Central Texas had the city police scampering for anything to identify the suspect. The child had been digitally penetrated several times in a city park after she stopped to talk to the suspect. City police believed the 6 year old would not be a good witness, but the girl's l2 year old sister had seen the suspect adequately to be a good witness. City police brought the 6year old, the 12 year old and the mother to the university for the first session and selections were made from the FBI catalog of facial features and a line drawing was developed and corrected in preparation for toning and shading which would be corrected at the next meeting in the victim's hometown.

     I had misgivings while the drawing was progressing because except for skin and hair color the suspect looked like ME. The victim didn't seem ill at ease so I didn't worry about it. After traveling to the scenic hometown of the victim the drawing was completed and I provided copies to the PD, went by the hometown newspaper and let them photograph the drawing, cautioning them to wait until they had the text and clearance from the PD. Once back at the university I contacted the State Police and provided them with a summary of the crime and composite copies; they in turn provided me with composites and information on similar crimes in the Central Texas area which I forwarded to the victim's hometown PD.

     A law enforcement officer from the area later told me that the PD was miffed that I had shared their case with the newspaper and with State Police. I in turn was miffed because I was working under the impression that the purpose of a composite was to try and catch the perpetrator and prevent the possibility of this happening to another 6 year old girl. I guess when you are supported by the tourist dollar you have to be very very careful of your public relations. I never did go back to that community and as a matter of fact I never was invited back.

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