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Darling, I Am Growing Older

The suspect is really not a suspect, but a convicted felon; convicted of sexual assault of a child and permitted to go home to settle some family business. The bottom line is that the perpetrator never showed up for sentencing and has been a fugitive for the past 15 years. County Sheriff's Office requested that I do a drawing which would age the rapist's mug shot based on a common knowledge of aging and considering that the subject is a beer drinker and has been living well. He is a truck driver and probably had several different State driver's licenses in several different names at the time of his arrest.

     Knowing that the best way to age a subject is to have the family bring in all the family photos from day one and find older individuals who looked like the subject in their younger years and then age him in the same way they aged. In this particular case the family was far from cooperative and the collection of photographs was not an option. Using a system called the "voodoo" method, I simply added weight, drug down cheeks, mouth and eyes to conform to the pull of gravity and added wrinkles and beer induced fat. The County SO detective told me later the subject looked pretty much like he did before and a little like the composite One relative admitted running into the fugitive.

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