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Packing Heat and Showing My Piece

Any way you look at it, it is a felony to carry a handgun on a college campus. This is Texas; that's the law. UPD received numerous complaints of this individual going into a certain residence hall with what appeared to be a 9mm Beretta handgun tucked in his waist band. And look at those cornrows, could there be any doubt that it was the same person being reported. Our patrol officers responded to call after call but were never able to make contact. There were a number of athletes living in that particular hall and they always made a safe haven for the offender and never provided information as to his whereabouts. Surprise, surprise.

     We never did arrest him. The gun may have been a 9mm handgun; it might have been a pellet gun that looked like a 9mm handgun or it may have been a toy gun. Before I retired from the university, the hall director told me she had identified the suspect by his resemblance to the composite and he had promised not to bring his gun into the hall again. Now that's the way felonies should be handled.....not to bring it into the about onto the campus. Excuse me, have I missed something here?

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