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How the Fraternity House Acquired an $8,000 Projector

This opportunistic young man went into Media Services at the University Library and checked out a projector valued at $ 8,000. 00 which was engineered to pick up images from the internet and project them onto a large screen for viewing by an audience of several hundred. Whether the suspect came to the library with the crime in mind or simply saw the opportunity to pick up the card he had signed checking the projector out is hard to say. The library employee who let the check out card get away from her came to UPD at the instruction of her boss and a composite was developed. UPD was not contacted until several days after the check out date when it was obvious that the young man had decided to keep the projector.

     The composite was printed and distributed producing a call from the math building saying that a young man who looked like the composite always hung out in the math building with a group of fraternity guys. The projector would be perfect for picking up entertainment from the internet and projecting in onto a large wall for viewing at stag parties. Pure speculation of course. Media Services decided not to let the young lady go to the math building for fear of retaliation if the suspect were identified.

     Oh well, it's your projector.

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