The Psychopath

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This composite was done with two high school girls who were attending a cheer leader seminar at a small college in Central Texas near a large major city. They made selections from the FBI facial feature catalog from which I developed a line drawing. They never showed up to make corrections to the line drawing or to correct the shading and toning. I finished the composite because I knew this was only one in a long string of sexual oriented crimes by a suspect of this description. The surprising thing is that when the suspect was identified, the composite based on the girl's selections was the closest to the suspect's appearance.

This suspect had a criminal history of indecent exposure dating back ten years to a time when he was in the military several states away. He was documented doing indecent exposures at the small college in the town where the girls were accosted and at the high school as well as the college. The identification of the suspect came because he kept coming back to the small college over and over. It turned out that he worked in the large city nearby and lived in the town where the small college was located. He also journied north to the jurisdiction of UPD and we had four composites on file that were similar in appearance to the suspect and followed his MO.

In the large city where the suspect worked he was documented doing indecent exposures at several small private colleges and there was one case where he found a female alone at an apartment complex swimming pool and not only exposed himself, but beat her into unconsciousness but did not rape her. At our university he was seen by one coed masturbating over her while she sunbathed. Another coed said he asked to go to her room and use her phone. She stood by to be sure he didn't make any long distance calls and while he talked he began to masturbate. The coed asked him to leave her room and he explained that this was what he did when he was feeling stressed. In our jurisdiction the worst crime the suspect committed was an aggravated assault on a female he met as she was exiting the ladies room on the 7th floor of the library. For whatever reason he began to beat her on the head, face and shoulders; the victim required reconstructive surgery on her nose. We developed enough probable cause for a warrant and had the suspect arrested. I was never subpoenaed to any action so I have no idea what ever happened to this truly psychopathic personality.

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