Another Fast Food Bandit

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Fast food restaurants are easy prey for armed robbery. Late night leaves as few as two minimum wage employees on duty with sometimes an hour or so between customers. This bandit did the expected: entered displaying a gun, and for and received the money (about $130.) and then left quietly. This was early December of 1990 so I had a copy of the FBI facial features catalog and my accuracy improved considerably with that acquisition. The composite was done, copied and distributed by City PD and if anyone was ever arrested I was never informed. The unique thing about this and several other composites from around this period is that the perpetrator had a black birthmark under his left eye. Maybe the zodiac flew for birthmarked armed robbers, but I visualize a group of paroled felons sitting around drinking beer and one of them is selling a concept, "Take a black marker, man, put a pretty big mark on your face and that's all the clerk is going to remember, man; they won't remember anything else." or possibly "Wear a bright scarf, man, that's all the clerk will remember....etc....etc...etc..."a pair of yellow sunglasses" a red baseball cap...make up your own.

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