Damaged Goods

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The sad note that I detected in this case was the relationship that developed between the raped housewife and her husband. The victim was a 29 year old housewife who was followed to the laundry room by the suspect who chatted with the victim until another person in the laundry room left and then grabbed the victim, fondled her breast and made her perform oral sex on him. He then left the area and when police arrived very shortly afterward was nowhere to be found.

While doing the selections from comparative features, this was before the FBI catalog of facial features was available to me, the victim talked about how her husband's attitude had changed toward her and she was afraid he was going to move out of their apartment. This was a major central Texas city case so no counseling was available at that time; if it had been a university case the victim and her husband could have received counseling.

I have no idea how the victim's life developed. There is another composite in this group that looks very much like this suspect. It is also a sex crime and it was done in the same major city.

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