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The DQ Dude

I believe in "security blankets" and so does the suspect depicted in these three composites. I was in a small town just north of San Antonio, Texas when I realized I was hearing something for the third time: "I can't remember his face too well, but if you want to draw his scarf, I remember every detail of it." Because I felt it would help focus the witnesses concentration, I always took my time and let them spend as much energy on the scarf patterns as they wanted.

     The suspect in this case used a handgun to rob Dairy Queen drive-ins. ;He was absolutely loyal to Dairy Queen; I know of no case where he hit a Sonic, Whataburger or McDonalds. He also operated in several directions outside San Antonio which led me to believe he was from that city. One night he was in the process of robbing a Dairy Queen as a police patrol car was driving by, got himself arrested and so we got a chance to see what our suspect really looked like. The heavier of the composites is a very close likeness.

     If you look closely at the features on the three composites you'll see that they are all very similar; the main difference in the three are the relative proportions, sizing and positioning of the features. This tells the investigator to concentrate on the features themselves and keep their thinking fluid as to positioning of those features. It tells the composite artist to concentrate more time on relative sizing and positioning of features.

     Dairy Queen stock is up an eighth since the "security scarf" robber is off the streets.

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